1. Here Comes Michael Again
Track details

Composer: Tom Green
Description: Mystery packed classic 60s spy theme with cymbalom, strings, drums, and flutes.
Album: Spies
Track number: NSM96_001
Duration: 2:33
2. The Idea
Track details

Composer: Glyn M Owen
Description: A pulsating synth drives this piece, punctuated with a piano theme and evolving, atmospheric pads. Dreamy and ethereal.
Album: Lifestyle & Technology Beds
Track number: NSM95_001
Duration: 3:09
3. In The Nick of Time
Track details

Composer: Richard Keyworth
Description: A curious and beguiling marimba driven bed with percussive stabs and strings.
Album: TV Tension Beds
Track number: NSM94_001
Duration: 2:10
4. Hot Potato
Track details

Composer: Mike Reed
Description: Retro horns and keys power along over a funky breakbeat.
Album: Get The Funk
Track number: NSM93_001
Duration: 3:20
5. Percussive Pop
Track details

Composer: Ben Townsend
Description: Punchy pop that mixes bass and brass stabs at the start with chilled acoustic guitar from 0:46.
Album: Radio Pop
Track number: NSM92_001
Duration: 2:48
1. Kreepy Kids
Track details

Composer: James Graydon
Description: A mischievous, retro, 60s inspired track.
Album: Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track number: NSM65_003
Duration: 2:25
2. The Watcher
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Ominous and dark with light tension, builds and lurking drones. Somebody is watching.
Album: Darkened Drones
Track number: NSM68_001
Duration: 3:04
3. The Forbidden Planet
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Stretched strings, wind affects and an alarming undertone unleash feelings of anxiousness and despair.
Album: Darkened Drones
Track number: NSM68_002
Duration: 3:18
4. Welcome To Dystopia
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Subtle and moody with a cinematic and bleak futuristic feel, welcome to dystopia.
Album: Welcome To Dystopia
Track number: NSM63_001
Duration: 2:45
5. Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track details

Composer: Clive Lukover
Description: Devilish Halloween track filled with comedy, screams and dark gothic elements.
Album: Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track number: NSM65_001
Duration: 2:45
1. Back of the Net Samba
Track details

Composer: Oliver Melville-Smith
Description: Cool Samba with big beats, horn section, trumpet solo, excited commentary and crowd noise.
Album: World Cup Rio 2014
Track number: NSM29_001
Duration: 2:49
2. The Beautiful Game
Track details

Composer: James Nisbet
Description: An inspiring, easy listening Latino pop track with vocal motif.
Album: World Cup Rio 2014
Track number: NSM29_004
Duration: 2:30
3. Rio Ferdinand
Track details

Composer: Oliver Melville-Smith
Description: Powerful electro carnival dance with dirty synth bass, Latin horns, trumpet solo, Latin piano and acoustic guitars.
Album: World Cup Rio 2014
Track number: NSM29_005
Duration: 3:02
4. Broadside
Track details

Composer: Jason Bowld
Description: A driving no-nonsense metal track with pounding drums and gritty distorted bass.
Album: Sports Trailer
Track number: NSM88_001
Duration: 2.16
5. Herculean
Track details

Composer: James Price
Description: Half-time rock instrumental featuring heavy bass lines, punchy kicks and distorted guitars.
Album: Sports Trailer
Track number: NSM88_002
Duration: 2:31

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New TVC in Poland for the brand Zywiec Zdroj We simply love this recent sync placement by the Polish water brand, Zywiec Zdroj (Fresh Springs). The track is 'Good Things Never Change' from NSM75 No Sheet Radar New Artists, an album jam packed with hidden gems from some of the finest new and emerging talent.       Lovely work from our friends over at Apollo Music.
Halifax Home Insurance Video - Adam and Eve DDB Check out the track 'Come Alive' by Marc Vickers. It's a fun, positive and uplifting anthem with vocals and bells. The perfect track to liven up a corporate video.
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