Charlie Savigar

Charlie Savigar is a British songwriter and composer based in Brighton. Charlie graduated from City University London, with a Bachelor of Music degree and also studied piano at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

After completing her studies, Charlie began focusing more on songwriting and in 2013 released an album with independent record label The Animal Farm. Fronting her own country/rock band, she has performed at many venues in the UK and Europe and has recently enjoyed gigs in Nashville and Santiago.

Her music has been featured on various country music compilation CDs including ‘The Best of British & Irish Country’ 2011. Although Charlie is still a performing musician she has chosen to focus on her classical roots and is currently writing for film and TV.

Charlie Savigar's Tracks
Under The Mistletoe
Positive, cheerful glockenspiel melody accompanied by an upbeat, festive brush groove and supporting counter melodies on recorder and vibraphone
The Tree Fairy
Mischievous and jolly flute tune supported by magical sounding keyboard with guitar, mallets, tuba and percussion providing a happy accompanying groove
The Donkey and The Dusty Road
A sweet harpsichord melody accompanied by hand percussion, charanago and bells with a fun, monotonous woodblock groove representing the donkey's hooves
Playful and jolly piano and celesta melody supported by guitar, ukulele, woodwind and percussion
Night Before Christmas
Delicate, sweet and gentle glockenspiel tune with piano, kalimba, organ and percussion
Joyful Kings
A positive and joyful melody on the church bells with an upbeat santoor and lute tune providing a percussive background
Fa La La La
Melodic choir chorus with cathedral providing a church like atmosphere accompanied by a cheerful percussive groove
DJ Santa
A jolly melody on the hand bells supported by an upbeat house beat groove
Fun and cheeky pizzicato strings accompanying a fast melody on the keyboard and hand bells
Alphie The Elf
A sweet, playful glockenspiel and flute melody supported by acoustic guitar, tuba, percussion and a gentle counter tune on the church bells
A chilled out vibe with strong percussive groove, marimba melody supported by vibraphone, tremolophone and accordion.
Skeleton In The Closet
Cheerful and energetic with a xylophone and trumpet lead melody accompanied by ukulele, bass, woodwind and light hearted percussion.
Secret Agent
Ominous, investigative and intense vibe with pizzicato strings and melodies on the vibraphone and marimba supported by a rhythmic percussion groove.
Sally's Adventure
A foot tapping, charming piece with a continuous piano and percussion accompaniment and a flute theme with counter melodies on the brass and marimba.
Round And Round
A teasing waltz with melodies shared between steelpans and vibraphone supported throughout by a repetitious guitar riff, accordion and percussion.
The Ranch
A swampy, Texan vibe with slide guitar, ukulele and charinga supported by keyboard and organ with dark melodies on the glockenspiel and vibraphone.
Fun charinga and ukulele groove, supported by organs, bass and percussion with melodies and harmonies on the vibraphone, glockenspiel and marimba.
Friday The 13th
Energetic and ominous with vibraphone melody supported by African percussion, accordion, electric guitar and piano.
Copy Cat
A call and response melody between the marimba and glockenspiel with a fun and dance like feel. Accompanied by accordion, folk kit and bass.
A Curious Day
An investigative and puzzling feel with santoor melody accompanied by brass, woodwind, ukulele and bongos.

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