Kia: TV Spot From the uniquely eccentric album Electro Django II, 'A Swing and A Hop,' by Matthew Moore was the song of choice for the Spanish TV spot for the car brand, Kia.
SFR Business: TV Commercial  'New Day,' by Damian Rhodes, features in the TV commercial for French telecommunication operator, SFR Business. 
TV6: Expedition Promo 'Good Things Never Change,' and 'Final Chapter,' by Martin Felix and Iain Mahanty respectively, both feature in TV6 Norway's promo for the travel show, 'Expedition.' ...
NBC Universal: Chicago Justice Promo The track, 'Brute Force,' composed by Mike Reed and Tom Howe, was primarily featured in the promo for NBC Universal's, 'Chicago Justice' promo.
Just Fab: TV Commercial The track, 'Cloudless Sky,' by Michael Joyce, featured in the extensive TV commercial for online fashion retailer, Just Fab.
TV8: Gone Camping Promo 'Good Things Never Change,' by Martin Felix, was chosen as the accompanying track for TV8 Sweden's promo for travel show, 'Gone Camping.'          
TV6: Winter Idents   As part of TV6 Norway's seasonal idents, the track, 'Breathing Air,' from featured NSM group Grand Pavilion, was succesfully placed throughout the campaign.
CBBC: Dengineers Promo 'Joy Ride,' by Iain Mahanty, features throughout the hit CBBC DIY show, 'Dengineers.'
Cancer Research UK: Research & Progress Promo     'Elation,' by Peter Woodroffe and Emma Stevens featured heavily for the online promotional campaign for Cancer Research UK.
Cancer Research UK: TV Campaign 'Elation,' by Peter Woodroffe and Emma Stevens featured heavily for the online promotional campaign for Cancer Research UK.
Charlotte Tilbury: Online Content Online content promoting cosmetics brand, Charlotte Tilsbury, feautring the track, 'Melt Your Heart,' written by Dana McKeon and Daniel Cassar.
ATP World Tour Singles Final 2016 Composer Iain Mahanty scored the opening sequence for the ATP World Tour Finals 2016.    
Made TV Bristol: Christmas Ident Ben Townsend's, 'Synth Pop Xmas,' accompanies the idents for local network, Made TV Bristol, for their 2016 Christmas scheduling. 
TV6 Christmas Ident From composer Tom Green, 'Tender Breakbeat Tidings,' features as TV6's primary Christmas 2016 ident.
IKEA Singapore: TV Commercial     'Swollen Groove,' from electronic music producer, Dekko, was the chosen piece to accompany this TV commerical for IKEA Singapore.
Tuborg: TV Commercial The Mark Vickers-penned track, 'OK Let's Go!' features on the Romanian TV commercial for lager brand, Tuborg.
Zywiec Zdroj (Fresh Springs): TV Commercial   Polish water brand, Zywiec Zdroj (Fresh Springs) feature the popular track, 'Good Things Never Change,' by Martin Felix.                  
Halifax Home Insurance: Corporate Film 'Happy-Go-Lucky,' from composer Marc Vickers, accompanies Halifax's home insurance corporate video.
Blossom Hill: TV Commercial As part of wine brand, Blossom Hill's advertising campaign, the track 'Come Here Tiger,' written by James Nesbit and James Graydon, was chosen as the primary musical accompaniment.
Universal UK: Second Chance Promo 'Omerta,' by Richard Keyworth, features in the Universal UK promo for the drama, 'Second Chance.'                           To ...
Nails Inc.: Online Content Online content for the cosmetics brand, Nails Inc., using the track 'Come Alive,' written by Marc Vickers.
BBC Two: China Season Ident Composer Chris J. Nairn was tasked with producing contemporary, Oriental-influenced music for BBC2's China Season ident.                       
BBC Two: China Season Promo Composer Chris J. Nairn was tasked with producing contemporary, Oriental-influenced music for BBC2's China Season ident.         
Bing: Online Content Putting together content exploring Bing's top searches of 2015, featuring the track 'Body Electric,' by Christopher Lewis & Dominic Marsh.
BBC Two: Victorian Bakers Promo In-demand composer Oliver Melville Smith, was commissioned with producing a quirky promo piece for the BBC Two historical cooking show, 'Victorian Bakers.'
Kandaya Resort: Promo  A promotional film advertising Kandaya Resort in the Philippines, using the Dana McKeon track, 'Gone.' 
Exsim: Corporate Film Mike Reeds dreamy motivational track 'Freefall' has been featured on Exsim's corporate online video. To hear more like this check out our Dream Pop Bliss Vol.l and Vol.ll albums.
Viasat Film: 'Taken 3' Promo The trailer track, 'Deus Metalli,' composed by Ben Townsend, was the dramatic accompaniment for the 'Taken 3' trailer, for nordic the broadcaster, Viasat Films.    
Universal UK: Rookie Blue Promo Universal UK's promo for police drama, 'Rookie Blue,' featuring a specific composition from singer-songwriter, Dana McKeon.
Universal UK: Rookie Blue Promo From composer Ron Alan Cohen, comes the track 'Fine Lines,' successfully placed for Universal UK's promo for the police drama, Rookie Blue.   
Viasat: June Film Schedule Promo Viasat's June 2015 film schedule promo, featuring music specially composed by Ian and David Sim, alongside Jonathan Musgrave.
Universal UK: How To Get Away With Murder Promo (Episode 15) The hit US Drama, 'How To Get Away With Murder,' sees Ben Townsend's cinematic track, 'Deus Metalli,' accompanying the promo for broadcaster, Universal UK.
Universal UK: How To Get Away With Murder Promo (Episode 14) The trailer track, 'Ominous,' from composer Toby Bricheno, features for this promotional content for the acclaimed drama, 'How To Get Away With Murder.'
Viasat's: Film Scheduling Promo 'Blue Jean Rocker,' written by James Nisbet, was Viasat's song of choice for their Super Sunday film scheduling promo.
Universal UK: How To Get Away With Murder Promo (Episode 13) The powerful Ben Townsend-written trailer composition, 'Deus Metalli,' features on the 'How To Get Away With Murder,' promo for Universal UK.
Darcy Oake: TV Commercial Ben Townsend's popular trailer track, 'Deus Metalli,' features in this promo for illusionist, Darcy Oake.
Pablo Escobar: Paradise Lost Film Trailer 'Enemies' by Ben McAvoy features in the trailer for crime drama, 'Escobar: Paradise Lost,' featuring Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro & Josh Hutcherson.
Air Asia: Online Content Oliver Melville-Smith's three tracks, 'Going Up, Party Starter & Just Say Yes,' taken from the album, 'This Is Pop,' prominently feature for online content for airline company, Air Asia.
Vodafone 'Tech & Fan Sharing Campaign' The teenage band from Kent already has a huge YouTube following and have made it to the Group, X Factor 2014 finalists stage! In this video they collaborate with fans to create a crowd-sourced music video of their journey. Two of our No Sheet Music artists, Annaca Espach and Mike Joyce, w...
Apple Home Improvements: TV Commercial 'Running Home,' by duo Michael Joyce and Annaca Espach, was the chosen track for Apple Home Improvement's TV commercial. 
No Sheet Music: Showreel Welcome to No Sheet Music, a new music production library. You can hear all our tracks online at

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